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The new double-paned windows were retro fitted to the size of the existing windows. Double hung windows (instead of casement windows) were more compatible with the style of the architecture and provided greater air flow. Bottom-up and top-down honeycomb shades provide privacy by making it easy to open the top sections of the window and the shade. If expense was no object, then reframing of some of the windows would have been desirable. Most windows replacements are retrofit. If possible, a wider header piece for the molding should be used, if a decision to install shades was made prior to installation of the windows. This would give the homeowner the option of using 2" wood blinds or a wider selection of shades.
1. Hanging of doors is an art. Most handyman type installers are not experience enough to do a proper job.
2. The doors should be installed, painted before the surfaces of the walls are painted
3. The hardware (plates and locks) should match in all the rooms.
4. Oiled rubbed bronze hardware for the exterior doors is desirable because dirt and stain show less.
5. The stopper should be nailed permanently only after the doors are hung in place and adjusted.
6. If you have to remove the doors after they are installed, be sure the identify the location of each door; otherwise, another round of adjustments may need to be made.
7. Doors should be installed prior to installation of hardwood floors but after the installation of the sub flooring.
8. If possible, purchase locks from the same batch. If not, a locksmith can always rekey the locks to match.
9. For the side door at Wilton Ave., a bolt lock which required a key to open and lock was use because of the window next to the door and the glass panes on the door. More natural light was desirable in the laundry room because the space is small.
There are no rights or wrongs in choices. It is really a matter of personal preferences. However, keep in mind not all products are available at any given time at the local Home Depot or Lowe's. Early research and selection will prevent delays.