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A clean garage with a functioning garage door opener enhances the value of any property. The garage was not rebuilt except for the following repairs: new concrete floor, minor reframing of the opening to accommodate a garage door with an automatic opener.

The previous tenant had partially enclosed the Florida room with plywood which make the space dark and uninviting. By removing the plywood and installing screening material, the area provides additional space for entertaining. A open mesh steel security door replaced the old solid door. The openness promotes air circulation during the hot summer months. Do not buy security doors with pre-installed locking mechanism. These locks are cheaply made, difficult to operate and locksmiths do not have the blanks to make duplicate keys. Additional keys can be ordered from the manufacturer. It is better to buy purchase locks separately to match the locks to other exterior doors.

The access was reconfigured and a built to prevent animals and small children from crawling underneath the structure. The cover helps in diverting water away from the foundation.

PAINT: Brand - Benjamin Moore Paint. California Paint on El Camino Real, Palo Alto, was very helpful and provided lots of information on different types of paint.

COLORS Interior:
Living Room and Bedroom #3/Den - Wheeling Neutral (Eggshell)
Hallway - Carrington Beige (Eggshell)
Kitchen - Nantucket Gray (Satin)
Bath Room & Laundry - Yosemite Sand (Satin)
Ceiling - Simply White (Eggshell)
Trim - Super White (Semi Gloss)

COLORS Exterior:
Body - Cromwell Gray (Satin)
Trim - Super White (Semi Gloss)
Accent - Black (Semi Gloss)
Garage, Patio, Paint Colors & Miscellaneous