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All the flooring throughout the entire house had to be replaced. Tile floor was the obvious choice for the kitchen, laundry and bath areas. Hard- wood flooring, while highly desirable was prohibitive for most for this project because of the expense.

Carpeting would have been the more affordable option. Carpeting is easy to replace. It provides excellent insulation and a variety of patterns and colors to choose from.  It is typically, the flooring of choice for a rental property. Laminate floors was the "optimal choice" providing a durable flooring for many years, a fresh up-to-date look at a cost less than hardwood floors.  Within the family of hardwood floors, prices also vary.

1. Laminate Floor. From Home Depot, on sale $1.99 per sq.ft., manufactured by ***, color Estate Oak. Regular price $3.99 per sq.ft. Home Depot in East Palo Alto were kind enough to store the boxes until we were ready for installation.
2. Underlayment. The product used was recommended by the manufacturer for the laminate flooring which was selected.
3. Preparation of subflooring. The existing subflooring has repair throughout due to termite damage; however, an addtional subflooring had to be installed to even out the levels between the kitchen and living areas
4. Baseboards should compliment the style and color of the flooring.  
5. Keep in mind that some laminate floors do not have matching transitional pieces.
6. Most flooring specialists charge between $2.75 to $4.00 per sq.ft. depending on the preparation required.
Tiles for the kitchen and laundry were purchased at Terico, Santa Clara.  Tiles for the bath were purchased at Bullnose Tile, Santa Clara.
Lowe's Home Improvement web site states the following:
Installation includes:
   -Review with customer prior to starting job and notation of any
       existing damage to baseboards or walls
   -Basic floor prep, including minor scraping and sweeping
   -Installation of foam underlayment
   -Installation of new laminate floor in residential property
   -Undercutting door jambs
   -Installation of transitions
   -Cleanup of job site
   -Molding and the labor to install it are not included in basic 
       installation and must be purchased if needed